Translation:Es geht!

August 16, 2017

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I get it, but it seems really weird. I actually thought So-So was supposed to be German. Without context it's a strange one to translate.


Exactly this. Besides that, I've never thought "so-so" was hyphenated when spelled out. I thought it was German too.


And what's with the exclamation point?
How are you doing? You had better sit down and hold on to your hats. I really want to emphasize that I am doing mediocre!!!!!


"So so" means something different in German, like aha (often in a sarcastic way). If you want to express the English so-so, it would be "so lala" or, "es geht" (like the french ca va). Strange language, I know.


Could someone explain this please?


Someone asks you in English: 'How's it going?" If things are just okay (but could be better), then you reply: 'So-so'.

If someone asks you in German, you reply with the more logical 'Meh, it goes.'


Thanks a lot for the response, I get the idea now :)


Im a native English speaker and have never in my 2 decades of life, ever heard somebody say So-So as a reply to "how's it going" it seems like a continental european thing


You got that right because I, here in India, have heard people saying so-so a few times, but mainly from people who are in the initial phase of learning English.


Very good explanation


Great explanation! Danke!


❤❤❤? Without context "so-so" is indecipherable. As a native English speaker it was not clear what the original meaning was. My partner, native German speaker and fluent in English, was equally flummoxed by this. Only after seeing the answer was the question clear. If two university educated folks with fluency in both the source and target language find this question unworkable, perhaps it should be fixed. Just saying...


Absolutely. One of many, many annoying features in this German course - it really is not up to the standard of other DL language courses.


It's a really weird one


I prefer 'so lala'...


Never before introduced to the sthdent, so we are to guess what this means out-of-the-blue? Is it German? Is it English? Poor course design.


duo lingo says the German is Es geht. Does not Es geht mean in English "It works!" ? This very different to So-So


It can mean either, in different contexts.

As a response to Wie geht's? "How are you?", Es geht. means "So-so".

When you're talking about, say, a machine you just built, then if someone asks, Und? Geht's? and you respond Ja, es geht!, then that means "And? Does it work? -- Yes, it works!"

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    According to the dictionary, gehen or geht means to go or walking not work or working.


    Verlangt wird: Übersetze diesen Satz. So-So! ...ist kein Satz!!! Da es groß geschrieben ist, muss es Deutsch sein! Ich lese Sonntag bis Sonntag! Kein Deutscher würde so etwas sagen! Bitte entfernen Sie diesen Unsinn.


    This is ridiculous with no context. I thought it was German. It's a pretty obscure English phrase.


    So-so???? Seriously?? So so is es geht in German??? And even it is why doulingo never said it before??


    Is so-so spelt with the second part capitalised too? Well, this was definitely an experience encountering this with no context and no earlier mention.


    Please stop throwing in unrelated questions when testing out of a level. Please.


    Problem was, I didn't know if it was in German or in English... Ach, so!


    When in doubt, read the giant bold letters in the middle of your screen.


    Was so confused at first but after reading @Mr_Eyl comment, i get it now. Though as a person who uses English on the daily. I dont remember the last time i said that. Maybe never lol


    They just throw this at you with no context? Thought it might be German instead of English til I read the directions.


    I have no idea why they stick this phrase here! Okay, I’ll learn it anyway.


    I thought that it was german...you know when you don't like and like something so i got this one wrong.


    Ich bin Deutsche und habe so so noch nie gehört. Das gibt es nicht.


    "So-So! = Es geht! "? Strange ...


    My dictionary gave "Teils". Duo said that was wrong and gave "durchwachsen"????


    Teils teils (repetition intentional) according to dict.cc

    What dictionary have you got?



    Mittelwerk will do me.


    This doesn't work without context.


    Kinda confusing, but makes more sense when asked with "How goes it?" which in turn makes the question "Wie gehts?" make more sense too.

    Wie gehts? - How are you (going)? (How does it go/How goes it)

    Es gehts = It goes (a rather neutral and flat response similar to ... so so!)


    why is siemlich gut not allowed


    Teils teils not correct apparently, I always thought this was so so.


    Teils teils not correct apparently, I always thought this was so so.

    teils-teils is more like "partly", or "partly yes, partly no".


    I have never, in my 19 years of life heard someone say: "so-so" to me unless they were speaking Русский where it would be: со-соло or goodbye.


    Wie geht's? Es geht gut.


    this is so weird.... even when i check the answer <<< but when i read the discussion i got the meaning it's just the same in russian language when you ask some one about something and it's not perfectly good, they say "so,so" in arabic which is my mother tongue it's the same meaning of "MASHY EL HAAL" > (ماشى الحال )

    which means it's not that fine but it works as it is > it's really funny how all cultures have the same answer for something we are not satisfied with, but it shall work !!!! :D


    The translation is for native speakers, maybe ....


    So-so = es geht? Methinks you have a problem


    This doesn't make sense. I lost a heart over bad, untaught slang. Es geht (it goes) was not taught & makes little sense.


    That is design to confuse the students. Not useful


    Agreed this one is weird


    How was I supposed to know that??

    [deactivated user]

      This one was very odd to throw at us out of the blue like this. Not complaining per se, all the more German phrases to know. But it felt too ambiguous to even take an educated guess at.

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