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Help test Duolingo's new Korean course!

[UPDATE - 8/25/17 - Form is now closed. Thanks to everyone who signed up! If selected, you'll be receiving your test invites soon. Please stay tuned for more chances to Alpha Test new Duolingo features and courses.]

We're happy to share that Duolingo's long awaited Korean for English speakers course is close to completion!

Interested in helping us kick the tires? Sign up to become an Alpha Tester, get early access to the course and share your feedback! No prior Korean knowledge required.

If selected, you'll be able to test this course on iOS and Android mobile devices in the coming days.

The course will be available on mobile platforms first. We hope to bring it to the website soon after the mobile launch.

August 16, 2017



Thank you Soedori, mhagiwara, frerejang, Hyowonkwon, Ash-fred, and niskigwun for this course, and sorry if I spelled your names wrong. Thank you for all your hard work and time and dedication to the making of this course. We all appreciate it, even those who are not taking this course. THANK YOU!

[deactivated user]

    you're welcome ;)

    [deactivated user]

      when do you think you will release the course ? 9/7 like the course update ? :)


      Yes I agree with you Woof. especially cause Korean is my native language


      Really? COOL I didn't know that! I think that is so cool!


      Hiya Woof....., yes that's true! ☺


      Hiya Toggitang. Awesome!


      Great news! :-D :-D :-D


      dude... can you ACTUALLY SPEAK ALL THOSE TONGUES????


      Of course not... only three of them with any degree of fluency :-)


      I know! 'Bout time we got some flags after our usernames. :D


      what about basic levels of conversation in all of those languages? or not really


      Not all, no, I just complete the duo-trees so it's mainly passive understanding for the languages that are completely new to me...


      @Aivaras122, I like your profile pic.


      For all those who signed up! (Including myself)

      Let's play the waiting game.


      Signed up!! So excited as this will help me so much in my preparation for the TOPIK exam. Fighting!

      [deactivated user]

        I strongly suggest that you don't practice TOPIK with only this (especially intermediate level!)


        Hey, Soedori, random question, but will we get an email if we filled out the above form, or would we be given it without an email notification?


        Obviously! XD I studied at Uni in Seoul for a while and have lots of textbooks. And I'm just taking Level 2 atm so it's still very basic :')


        Thanks for sharing this news, HelpfulDuo; looking forward to the release of the Korean course! ^_^


        Out of curiosity, if someone signed up, then decided that they actually didn't want to do it, could they withdraw their sign-up?


        I imagine that if selected they would simply respond with a 'no thanks' and someone else be chosen in their place.


        How long would we have to do this for? Finish the tree?


        Usually, until they release the course.


        Dang, I don't have an iOS or an Android device. Curse my outdated phone.

        In all seriousness, this is wonderful to hear! I know many people who have been itching for this course and I'm sure they appreciate everyone who has dedicated their time and knowledge to make our dreams come true. You guys are amazing! Thank you for being outstanding contributors towards Duolingo!


        I am not tech-savy, so mind me if any of this is out of your reach or in anyway incorrect... You can try some articles like this to see if you can get iOS on your PC. Hopefully, there is no stringency on using a mobile device to test the software.

        https://www.technobezz.com/how-to-run-ios-apps-on-mac-or-windows-pc/ https://www.quora.com/Can-we-run-iOS-on-windows-PC


        Thank you so much for the articles! I may just wait for the web version to try out Korean, but I'm glad there's another option for those who don't have anything Apple or Android related.


        I cannot imagine why someone should not be able to test it out because of that? Okay, at least you are able to look on the bright side. :D

        Bonne chance.


        It specifies 'on IOS or andriod mobile devices'


        That's the point. I don't have either one, meaning I have no choice but to wait for the web version. Or... I could just buy an Apple or Android product. Which I won't do because, well, money. XD


        I already realized that, but there is no reason to remove articles that can still be valuable.


        I totally understand the "outdated phone" feeling! High Five and some lingo-mangos~


        Whenever I read posts like this, I always miss my flip phone. However, the three years that I have had a smartphone has been great when venturing through the boredom of high school classes and lunch.


        Ha! Yeah, there's pros and cons for flip phones and smart phones. I have to say I liked my old flippy because it had Korean, but I had to get a new one without Korean, and it's annoying because I like to use Korean.


        You mean... it had the actual alphabet on the keys?! I used to be envious of native-Koreans for that, but I guess that I will have to add you to the list. What is your native tongue, anyway?

        I have 4 different keyboards based upon 5 languages with my Android. It is amazing for the times in which I wish to annoy my friends whilst practicing... And my PC has the same arrangement to go with it.


        Well, no, on the manual (I actually read it?!) when I first got it it shows how to use Korean (It was a LG flippy) on the normal keypad (easy, just change the language to Korean for texting) but it took a while to master and memorize because the Korean alphabet was not printed on the keys. It looked like this:

        It's an LG A380, if you're interested ☺ And my native tongue is Korean/English (learned both from the start) What's your native language?


        I learned English nigh birth, but learned written French when I was younger.


        You could try downloading an android emulator on your computer, (Bluestacks, Droid4x, etc...) then downloading the app through that.


        Exciting! Thanks for the opportunity!


        I'll definitely try the tree when it comes out. : )


        This is great news! I'm so excited!
        Congrats to Team Korean :)


        Thank you so much, Korean team! I'm looking forward to testing.

        Although ... It just occurred to me that I might not be the best tester because I'm hard of hearing. I can do the written stuff only. :-(


        Me too! -- always nice to see others on the site. Go for it anyways -- you still can provide feedback where you can


        Thank you very much for your encouragement!


        감사합니다,여러분. Thank you, Soedori.


        Cool! Could you translate that?


        "Thank you everyone" :D


        죄송합니다. (joesonghamnida- a formal way of apologizing). I got so used to seeing the comments in my email inbox that I thought that you we replying to someone else! :) ㅎㅎㅎ(soft laughter).

        Here is the Romanization of "감삽니다, 여러분." if you every decide to randomly recite it to unsuspecting people... within context of course! It is kamsamnida, yeoleobun.

        [deactivated user]



          Hi. Hope the Korean team Soedori, mhagiwara, frerejang, Hyowonkwon, Ash-fred, and niskigwun will be in the discussion when the language is available in the web browser. Thank you for all of your hard work :)

          [deactivated user]


            How many spots are open? Anything we can do to increase the likelihood of being selected?


            Awesome! I won't be an alpha tester, but I'll try learning Korean when it's released into beta.


            korean is my native language. COOOOOLLLL!!!!!


            I was not expecting a native-speaker to have such enthusiasm! 하하하하하!


            Yes, I want to just easily go through all the lessons and get a gold tree really fast




            Me too Korean is my native language.


            Komapta ! Now we can watch Korean TV Series without subtitles and understand BTS's songs :) It's really great to see the languages from this beautiful region coming - even Japanese! By the way, when is Chinese / Mandarin coming? Really excited to learn these languages :)


            I is so happy I can find ARMY everywhere. X"D

            Yessss finally I hate having to try and read and watch kdramas and such at the same time and end up missing something on screen while im reading the subs X"D

            Ugh and then waiting for BTS Bon Voyage subs to come out


            Yup. Although I am not totally into the Korean thing, I know about it from my sister - so I can relate :)


            Come to the dark side, we have kookies. And Tae with plenty of Suga. Join us.


            This is nice to hear! I've been checking on the incubator for updates almost every day this last month. I'm happy that this course is coming soon. A huge thank you to all the contributors. I'm so excited to start learning Korean :)


            I thought I was the only one checking the incubator every day


            You're definitely not alone. Whenever there is a course I'm looking forward to in the incubator I check it every day!


            I pretty much check it out often too XD


            When will the people who signed up be hearing more about this?


            Please can you advise the ETA of Mobile launch ?

            • 1774

            Oooh! Finally! I'm so excited! Love watching k-dramas and listening to k-pop. ;)


            What is your favorite Drama?


            F-favorite? I CANNOT PICK A FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            UGH like, how can you pick a favorite when their's Hwarang, My Love from Another Star, Descendants of the Sun, EXO Next Door, OH MY GHOSTESS, Missing 9, and so many others? ITS IMPOSSIBLE

            • 1774

            I have so many favorites! Ughh! Boys Over Flowers is pretty much where I started. I have a giant soft spot for that one. I really like My Lovely Sam Soon.

            Others: My Love From Another Star (actress was phenomenal!) -Bride of the Water God -Strong Woman Do Bong Soon -My Love Eun Dong

            There are so many more! I also like some Chinese and Japanese dramas.


            Yup, Korean Drama is really popular.


            Same as K-pop. Go to Korean restaurant. They almost always have loud K-pop on


            That....that is true....


            I must know the kpop groups stat


            Great! How about publicising this post on Reddit? You might find a lot of learners there that would be happy to commit some time to provide feedback.

            [deactivated user]

              Good thing that Duolingo considers Android users. The last time they had Alpha Testing (for Japanese), they restricted it to iOS users only.


              I have an iPhone and a Android tablet. Too bad I couldn't check both, so I had to pick the iOS as the choice.


              just create a second account and do it twice?


              Just signed up! This is so AWESOME I can't wait!!


              Added my application to test it! I'd love to know more of the language, I'm a Taekwondo black belt so I'd love to know how to properly speak the language we use in our classes!


              I'm sooo excited for this course! Thanks to all who worked so hard on this!




              I just can't wait to try out this lesson! I'm also planning on applying for part-time at a Korean restaurant and I'll be able to practice with the owner who already knows I speak it a little bit :)


              Any kpop fans here ?????? Y'ALL DON'T WANNA BE THE ONLY ONE IN DUOLINGO (btw an Army is talking)


              I am a fan of k-pop and k-dramas. I am sure there are others who have signed up for the Alpha testing or for actual release of the language tree.


              ARMY FOR THE WIN I GOTCHU FAM ARMY TOGETHER FOREVER Sorry had a moment. X"D Had a little fangirl attack and almost screamed when I saw your comment. X"D


              so proud cuz Armys are everywhere!!! just something Arz u a tae stan? ur profile pic is killin me


              That image is total truth.


              100% Taehyung stan from the beginning. X"D Yoongi's my bias wrecker, then maybe Jungkook for 3rd, but Jimin is pushing it. Everything after that has been bultaoreune I can't pick the rest no matter how infired I am.


              it's kinda blasing there i reckon that BTS in general is a bias wrecker .... this is an Army daily confrotation


              I love BTS and they are one of the first K-pop groups my oldest got hooked on. They opened a whole new music world to her. Never mind the fact me and her Aunt have been listening to k-pop for a decade now. I am a big fan of Big Bang. My youngest lives for Infinite. Their music was the only thing that would calm her down when she was a baby. Heck even now she still loves listening to them. We have a lot of love also for EXO, SuperJunior, Nu'est, Wonder Girls, Girls Generation, f(x), Amber, Henry, man the list goes on and on in this house.


              That is so amazing. I'm the second eldest in my family, and everyone hates it and thinks its stupid. And they say all the guys look like girls which drives me nuts. Though, my littlest sister who is only a few months old, I'll sing "Mom" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OL3v-WIqgdc) to her and she'll stop crying and just zone out which is pretty cool.

              Wow, BTS was also my first kpop group and I've been stuck ever since. Once you Jimin you can't Jimout.

              I'm with you on that super long list, every group you said, I like. I think that's so cool how you've been listening to it so long, like, your children are so lucky, please adopt me.


              I just my grandmother into k-pop and K-dramas. My mom and Husband think like your family does. At least your little sister will know the awesomeness of K-pop.


              I hope I can get all 3 of my sisters into it. I just have to do it very secretly cause when I tried the first time the 2 oldests were running around the house yelling "I LOVE RAPMON" and "I LOVE KOOOKIE" for about an hour and my parents got so mad. X"D My older brother is just like hoseok in this picture https://i.pinimg.com/736x/10/b3/8c/10b38c3f9b999c193b063167ca2bb599--kpop-memes-bts-funny.jpg

              Complete lost cause.

              Like, we were watching Valerian A city of a thousand planets in a theater and when Kris Wu came on screen I just straight up slapped my brother cause I had a mini heartattack out of shock and I go to talk and he just goes "Nope. If its one of your stupid korean boys I don't wanna know."


              I am so excited for this. Hwaiting~! Mianhae, I can't help. ;n;


              Had to reply here as it will not allow me to reply on your last comment. Your brother is like my brother and one of my best friends. my other best friend is all aboard the k-pop/ k-drama crazy train and enjoying the ride. I am hoping all 4 of my girls will eventually join me on "the darkside" as my husband says. I am just suprised that my husband does not like k-dramas or k-pop but will watch Doramas, Taiwanese dramas, and listens to J-rock without complaint.


              Im sadly the only crazy one in my group of friends. I'll be sitting there in an intense fangirl moment and if someone new is sitting there and say "is she okay" they just say "dont. ask. anything. do not get her started." X"D

              Yes, come to the dark side we have kookies.

              Guy logic I guess. My dad's the same way. Not with the Jrock though, but he watches a bunch of Asian movies and such, but not one of them is korean to my surprise.


              That is why I am so glad that we have social media to meet others who also enjoy kpop. And that also spreads the music so more people can enjoy. Here is a meme I feel explains the truth of how excited we get finding other kpop fans when none of our friends share our excitement/ love of kpop.



              That is so true. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/03/81/da/0381daa43b3a304ae8548014d408d3cf--meme-faces-book-jacket.jpg

              It kinda sucks though cause after talking to all my internet friends that like kpop and such and coming back into reality.....I dont wanna be in reality. X"D My parents always tell me to go make friends and im just "pshhhhhh I got plenty of those who needs to go outside when you have internet family" Like, seriously, why go outside?


              My daughter says that too when her dad or uncle tell her to go make friends outside. But I understand her as she does a lot of writing using her phone but she also spends most of her time listening to all kinds of music while she is doing her art work. She has a couple of friend in real life that share her love for K-pop and J-rock but they all also talk online to each other and other fans they have meet online through writing or sharing their art.

              But going outside for a little bit each day is good for you as even an hour of being out in the sunlight can lift your mood. Plus it's essential for vitamin D. So take your phone and sit outside in the sun with your online friends ;)


              Please count me in... I have a few years of Korean college courses and I feel as if over the years my Korean knowledge is slowly fading away. Help help! :)))


              So excited! :D


              Awesome, just signed up. I'm super excited to have Korean on here, have wanted to learn it for ages


              Yas Finally we'll get to learn Han-gu!!


              감사합니다! Thank you so much for investing so much of your time for making this course! I am really looking forward to it! Herzlichen Dank!


              yea i can learn korean for once


              im so excited!! ive been learning korean for some time and i've been waiting for the duolingo course


              I signed up! I can just about read hangul but I have no previous experience with Korean spoken language. I would love to change that!


              I really hope I can test this course. I 've been wanting to learn Korean for a while! I Also really appreciate the people who created the course.


              Can't wait for 7 Sept! I've always wanted to try my hand at Korean. So thank you DuoLingo for the chance <3


              I would love a chance to try out the Alpha im definitely signing up for the Beta the day it comes out!

              Thanks for all the hard work


              I can't describe how excited i am, i've been waiting for this since it was at 60% completion, which is quite a long time ago. I applied and can't wait to try it out C:


              Thank you for making this! I am really looking forward to learning this awesome yet difficult language


              I am so excited to start the Korean course! I find myself checking every few days in case they finish it early.


              Very happy to test it!


              cool! it'd be awesome to try - it's on my bucket list:)


              This sounds very fun as it can help nuture my knowlege in languages especially such a unique language.


              korean is my native language to toggitang22! but im really bad at it;)


              can we have more asian languages??????


              Duolingo seems to be working very hard on introducing more Asian languages recently, with the release of Japanese and now the alpha testing of Korean – Duolingo is definitely moving towards more language diversity! :)


              thank you for responding!


              I accidentally submitted my response without selecting a platform. I couldn't find a way to edit my response so I merely submitted it again with the correct platform - sorry. D:


              Hello!!! do you know when the Japanese course will be finished? I really love this site for learning {I'm currently studying Russian} But I would love to study Japanese the most.


              I think it's already done...


              Hi, I signed up for the alpha and was selected and received an email but... the email has instructions and links for iOS even though I selected Android. -_-


              Once again, despite selecting Android I was given instructions on how to test using iOS...

              I would very much like to spend time alpha-testing your course but not enough to obtain an iPhone solely for this purpose... :P

              [deactivated user]

                Guys... I did download the test version of the app and became a tester but I can't find the korean course oO


                Did you enter your code?


                I am quite dissapointed in the korean course at the moment been. it is hard to differentiate the pronunciation of the characters given so many just sound the same or are spelled with a B and pronounced with a P. In Alphabet 3 i start leaning about brands Like Mcdonalds and Hyundai which makes no sense in alphabet portions. its a little dissapointing been teaching Taekwondo for 6 years and want to increase my basics and expand but i dont feel confident Duolingo korean can do help. Hopefully someone can update or redo it.


                여보세요 만나서 반가워요

                Learn a language in just 5 minutes a day. For free.