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Duolingo Stories Usage

I think this feature is an excellent opportunity for students to work on their reading and listening comprehension. If this could become an option under "assignments," it would be incredibly beneficial for both student and teacher. Each student would be able to read the story at his/her own pace, answer the questions and have their grade be submitted automatically. From there, the teacher would be able to analyze how each student performed and could address the struggles that students are facing. I would assume the process would be similar to how teachers can assign XP points or Skills? Is this a doable task for the Duolingo team to add to the Duolingo Schools program in the near future?

My kids love Duolingo!

Tanner Mosher George Jenkins High School Lakeland, FL Spanish I, II, & III Honors

August 16, 2017

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Perhaps this will come some day, but at the moment, all the labs are basically being tested, tried out. They are a very new part of Duolingo and they are not even 100% sure they will keep them. Here is an official post explaining why: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23206004

Once they are more sure it's a direction they want to go in, perhaps they will make it something that can be used by teachers.

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