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  5. "Ich habe ihn."

"Ich habe ihn."

Translation:I have him.

August 16, 2017



That is a really weird thing to say..


Perhaps a better translation would be "I have it". German uses gendered pronouns to refer to inanimate objects, unlike English. So you could have the following exchange:

Hast du den Schlüssel? ("Do you have the key?")
Ja, ich habe ihn ("Yes, I have it")

To use es here would probably be a little confusing to a native-speaker, and would likely give you away as a foreigner in much the same way that someone saying "I have him" in English would.


For some reason, Duolingo is marking 'I have it' as wrong. Even though 'it' is stated as an acceptable translation of 'ihn' in the hover text translation.


I agree, "I have it" is better English, not accepted and given the anti-english him as correct


It certainly would be a better translation, but Duolingo keeps marking it as wrong.


I thought that myself, but DL marked it as wrong.

[deactivated user]

    an ingot for you sir. danke vielen !


    Maybe they are playing catch.


    Imagine you must pick up your child from school, then mom calls you and asks for her son "Ich habe ihm" "I have him" (with me) would be a good addition. That's the way I took it, hope it helps for future learners.


    Maybe they are parents talking about their children? Is he with you? I have him.


    I think I see why DL is refusing 'I have it', but they're underestimating their audience and forcing us into a silly sentence.


    Silly sentences are their speciality. You've never done the Irish course - talking deer and women living in fridges.


    Do you have the baby? Yeah, I have him


    A driver or someone with a passenger, someone on a phone or otherwise in contact, in the sights/reach/grasp of a weapon, a host at an establishment. "Do you have my husband?" ~ "Yes, when do you want him back by?" I've heard it all. The main problem there is Americans with their dirty minds. Dirty minds should not constitute a language . . .


    so im confused RN, if IHN is it and its him and her, how can i know that ICH HABE IHN was referred to HIM???


    You can't know without some context. In a real situation you would know whether you were talking about a person or a thing.

    [deactivated user]

      she clearly says, IHNEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Why not I have it


      Could this also not mean ,"I have it"? Example: "Ich habe ihn" instead of saying, "I habe der Tisch…"

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