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Hi. I am learning German from English and I can NOT get the haben-haven-have-hooligan stuff worked out! I get all my tenses in German mixed up EVERY TIME! I had the same problem with trinkt, trinkst, and trinken. HELP ME! I need a way to remember these!

August 16, 2017


Actually those aren't tenses but conjugations of verbs. It'll take awhile to get used to them, but they're not that hard once you figure them out. Since haben is somewhat irregular I'll use trinken

  • Ich trinke - e
  • Du trinkst - st
  • Er/sie/Es trinkt - t
  • Wir trinken - en
  • Ihr trinkt - t
  • Sie/sie trinken - en

Those are the present tense endings, but with irregular verbs the stem (hab-/ha- for haben) may look a bit different:

  • Ich habe - e
  • Du hast - st
  • Er/sie/Es hat - t
  • Wir haben - en
  • Ihr habt - t
  • Sie/sie haben - en

Just keep practicing :)
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