"This is my cousin."

Translation:Bisy ñuha qȳbranna issa.

August 16, 2017

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How are we to determine which of the 5 cousin words to use?


i've learned six cousin words: velmanna, ñābranna, iāpanna, qȳbranna plus dubys / dubāzma. my impression is that they are working on making them all acceptable. e.g. a week or so ago, "dubys" wasn't recognised as correct, but now it is. if you still find a word that should be accepted but isn't, just go ahead and report it (as long as that damn report system works, that is lol).


Can you tell me what those all mean respectively? I had a list of my understanding, but Duolingo cropped it out when I posted


This is confusing especially since i can only learn as i go since there is no lesson plans or tips within Duolingo.

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