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Any tips you can give me to help me in my German?

August 16, 2017



Your question is pretty broad. If you narrow it down to the one or two things giving you the hardest time, you'll probably get multiple responses.


I like some youtube channels such as German with Jenny and channels on topics I like such as cooking and fitness. I think singing also helps with the accent and to remember words.


PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. the more you review what you know, the easier it will be for you to acquire new information. Never forget the basics :)


It's always good to stick to the basics


Learn the adjective ending tables off by heart if you havent already


Hi! Since your discussion post doesn't relate to Duolingo/language in general, would you mind moving your post to the German for English speakers forum? That way, more people who are learning German from English will be able to give better responses.

Also, here's a short and detailed guide explaining which forum to post your discussion in:


I posted it here in order to find more people, means more answers and tips


You'll find more helpful answers if you relocate it to the German for English speakers forum; this is because more people learning German from English will be able to respond to your discussion.


I did yet no one answer


You reposted it. They meant go to edit -> subject -> German

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