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Progress toward levels?

There used to be a status bar showing how close you were to the next level, but I can't see that anywhere now. Where did it go?

August 16, 2017



Go to your profile and look to the right, there should be a bar telling you how much xp you have to go


It is gone, the XP points are neither on the "home" nor on the profile pages.


That's odd, cause I still have it.


The bar is long gone with the lacking support of DuoTweak and DuoStat user scripts.

The "XP points for next level text" is gone from my "home" and "profile" pages!!


There is a workaround: http://www.duolingo.com/users/Slippyboy


This is from my account:

to_next_level "210" means I am 210XP points away to move from level 13 to level 14.

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