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  5. "Đừng kiểm soát tôi!"

"Đừng kiểm soát tôi!"

Translation:Do not control me!

August 16, 2017



Kiem soat is to search or examine. Roll over and the hint = control. Which is wrong.


No. It means to control, not to search or examine. Maybe you mistakes it for "kiểm sát".


maybe, but it is in the same lesson with examine also.


Kiểm soát can also mean to examine, usually I'd use điều khiển for "to control".


Oh yeah? I don't know about it; I haven't seen it is used anywhere, nor can I think of any example where it means "to examine". Can you give me an example or a reliable link where it says so?


Yes but, for example, checkpoints cannot be called control points (they have completely different meanings). Individually it can be "to control" or "to examine/check" (to maintain order and safety) depending on the situation.

Put it this way:

You EXAMINE/CHECK goods and services at a CHECKPOINT or border CONTROL. You don't, however, CONTROL goods and services because that would mean you HAVE POSSESSION of them.

Good old English being English, really.



Tuttle Compact Vietnamese Dictionary: Vietnamese-English English-Vietnamese By Phan Van Giuong

kiểm soát v. to control, to examine, to check.

Maybe it's used more commonly by overseas Vietnamese. Many older pre-1975 terms are used by VK that are no longer used or have changed meanings in VN today.

Also on Vdict and here: http://tratu.soha.vn/dict/vn_vn/Ki%E1%BB%83m_so%C3%A1t

Trạm kiểm soát is a checkpoint. To check = to examine.

Động từ

xem xét để phát hiện, ngăn chặn những gì trái với quy định

trạm kiểm soát

kiểm soát hàng hoá

đặt trong phạm vi quyền hành của đối tượng nào đó

chiếc máy bay đã ngoài tầm kiểm soát

I've only ever heard Vietnamese people here in Australia use kiểm soát to mean "to examine/check" while "to control" is almost always điều khiển.


So I would say kiểm soát can mean examine, but in order to control (for example, examine goods to keep control of it), not for other purpose (for example, "doctor examines patients" can't be kiểm soát), so it can also be directly translated as to control.


Should accept "Stop controlling me"

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