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do different trees (with the same target language) share the same audio?

I am doing German from French right now - to improve my French (I am a German native). Like the German from English tree it is a huge tree with a lot more vocabularies than I have seen in Spanish (from English) and French (from English).

Maybe because it is the first time I hear my native language I notice quite a number of audios being quite off. "Babies", "Personal", "Wal" all sound, well, incorrect.

Given that German from English is quite a mature tree (whereas German from French left beta only last year and doesn't seem to have lots of learners), I am wondering whether these faulty audios have already come up? I would assume, both trees share the same audio? Or more generally: trees with the same target language share the same audio?


August 16, 2017



You should install Camilo's user script "DuoLingo tree enhancer" which works with forward and reverse trees!


and what does the tree enhancer do? And does it work with safari?


Camilo's announcement script thread: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/19654789

I have no idea.
The Greesemonkey addon (needed for installing user scripts) works with Firefox V50.1.0 for sure.....there is another addon Tampermonkey for Chrome.

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