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"I love him because he is honest."

Translation:Tôi yêu anh ấy vì anh ấy trung thực.

August 16, 2017



I wrote "Tôi yêu anh ấy bởi vì anh ấy trung thực." I don't understand why this was marked incorrect.


Thương was not introduced in the lessons yet.


I wrote "tại vì ". Can someone please tell me why this is wrong?


Means 'tại vì' not 'due to/caused by' in some light negative way, so not really appropriate in this case (positive property) ? My only explanation...


I've asked my vn teacher on the last weekend. He says there's no interpretation or evaluation for the different translations of "because". So normally they should accept "tại vì", "bởi vì" and just "vì" in this case. Maybe there is a case where this is incorrect, so I'd just like to know it. Thanks in advance, to the mods as well.


I asked my friend who's a native speaker. She struggled to find a reason why it was wrong which implies that 'tại vì' should have been accepted


Good to know. For my part, I picked this info by a previously readen mod comment... I don't remember who exactly was though!


I said "anh ấy là trung thực" and got it wrong, is the "là" incorrect here or just not necessary?


The copula (to be) is required to precede nouns in predications but is not required before verbs and adjectives.

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