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Möchten Sie deutsche Geschichten?

Guten Tag...

I am having a great time with Duolingo stories in portuguese. I look forward to the day I can enjoy Duolingo stories in german too. But until then, I will be practicing my basic german, reading some children's stories provided by The german Project. They have an audio version, and translations paragraph to paragraph. It's quite awesome for "Anfängers" (like myself) with some basic knowledge of german.

I hope you too can enjoy them.

P.S.:This website was recommended in the forum some time ago. If I remembered the author I would have definitely mentioned him/her. But, I don't. I just thought it would be nice to bring it up again. Also, I am not a native English speaker, so I would appreciate any correction on my writing. Thanks.

August 16, 2017




Your English is almost spot on. I'm a native English speaker and couldn't tell you weren't as well.

I only noticed one problem. You need to capitalize your language nouns like "english" and "german". They should be "English" and "German".

Other than that, you are great! Keep up the good work!


Thank you sir, I do my best.
And indeed, I better take care of those details. Let aside German capitalization.


No problem! I love encouraging language studies!


I really want German stories soooo badly.

Hope that's the next story thing they do.


You're welcome...and congratulations on your achievements...


Gern geschehen...
Have a good time with the stories.


I find the best thing to do in order to really memorize what you read out of stories in German is to read the material of your choice, collect a list of unknown words from the book or whatever it is you are reading and then begin writing your own stories with the acquired words once you've looked up their meaning.

I don't see it as that big of an issue that the stories do not yet include German as I find it far more efficient to do exactly as you are by looking on websites that provide free material or purchasing books from either Ebay or Amazon. just imo

Thanks for the link though, I had never seen the German project till now


Well, that's a good piece of advice....Since I like writing...I hope I'll be writing my own stories in Deutsch too...What I like the most of Duolingo stories is that they are shorter and provide some exercises simultaneously...
By the way, neither had I known about that website, too. It has good stuff, doesn't it?...

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