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How to private a language?

Is there any way on Duo that you can hide or private a language to block other people from seeing that you are learning this language? Just wondering.

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August 17, 2017



You can do this by using a secret second account, and telling nobody.


Pretty sneaky.....hmmmm


Good question but why would you want to?


I can't speak for the original poster.

Speaking for myself, I learnt Italian with Duolingo for a year and a half, at which point I completed the course. I was happy with that. But I decided to pass the time trying out another language. I started a language (I'll call it L2), discovered I was not happy with the course, and deleted it. That's fine so far.

So I started a different course (L3), it was slightly better, but a struggle. I might return to it so I have not deleted it. But I would like it to not show on the forum, and perhaps not on my profile either.

So I tried another language (L4). Please don't think that I am just not sticking with one course long enough - I took Italian for a year and a half, so I hope you can see I am quite able to stick at something should it feel right - the other two courses (L2 and L3) were not quite suitable for me. This one (L4) suited me better, and I would have liked to stick at it alongside occasional Italian revision.

However, because of other things outside of Duolingo, it became useful that I learn the basics of a particular language (L5). So I have put L4 aside for now, and am concentrating on L5 but with every intention of going back to L4.

L2 is gone from my profile. I am happy with that. L3 and L4 I am not learning but will return to, and I would happily hide them from public view, just because I am not learning them. I do not think I can even consider myself at an A1 level in either of them. At the moment I can identify that writing or speech is in them, and that is about it.

I would not like to delete them, because I intend to return to them at some point in the future; some people are happy with resetting the language and taking the course again, but that doesn't quite suit me.

And I would also be happy to hide L5, to leave just Italian showing - it is likely that I will never be as good in L5 as in Italian. Do I feel embarrassed because of it? Or particularly proud in Italian? I don't think so. My Italian isn't great - I could have done better in it, and the Duolingo level just shows how much time I have put in rather than my ability. But I'm quite happy to have people know that I chose to learn Italian, and put a year and a half into it. Perhaps it's confidence - I might not have a great range of Italian, but I am confident in what I have, and not so in L5.

So, because I am not actively studying them, and have no skill in them, I would quite like to hide at least two of the languages.

Others' attitudes

On a non personal note, anyone who wants to hide a language because of the attitudes of others to their learning it has my full support. I have seen at least one person write on these forums that their family mock them for learning a particular (quite important) language - their family could not see scope for learning any language other than (I think it was) Spanish.

When I have glanced at Russian and Mandarin, this activity has drawn some odd looks and comments. I can't call these hundred-or-so-word-glances "learning". I like languages and I get curious. :)

Let's talk conlangs.

I have seen a number of comments against both Klingon and High Valyrian. Anyone who has derived enjoyment from the books and television and films from which these professional artlangs originate, and wishes to extend their enjoyment with a little language learning has my support - I will be learning Klingon when the course comes out, and I am quite happy to not hide my learning of that language.

I have seen a few (not so many) comments which question the worth of learning Esperanto. Esperanto as a conlang with its unique history and community is a language I support in concept (but anyone wishing to talk or argue about its worth or their/my understanding of its concept should look elsewhere). I could quite understand if someone wished to hide their learning of this, given some of the comments I have seen.

As counterpoints to saying I have seen negative comments: these largely tail off once the language comes out of the incubator, and the language specific forums for Esperanto and High Valyrian are much friendlier.

And if anyone here is thinking I am saying "Bring all conlangs to Duolingo!" I must take a moment to answer against this. In my estimation, Duolingo is not a platform for conlang development and promotion - Klingon and High Valyrian had already undergone considerable development and were well known within their genres. I would quite like to see Duolingo provide a help page to explain this and to list links to a few popular conlang resources, so conlangers could be helpfully and not unkindly redirected to more appropriate online resources.


srry i don't think so :/


Well, it doesn't show up if your level 1, but y'know then you can't do it.


You can go to their profile and it will show up. Level 1s don't show up on the discussion-profile info.

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