"Thirty-nine tables and thirty-two chairs"

Translation:Harminckilenc asztal és harminckét szék

August 17, 2017



When do you use "-két" vs. "-ketto"?

August 17, 2017


"-két" is used when the number modifies a noun, otherwise you use "-kettő"

August 20, 2017


-------- i thought it was obligatory to use 'ketto" ' when the thing it described wasn't there (ha'nyat kersz ? ketto"t ) but you could use either when there was a thing there: ke't doboz vagy ketto" doboz. however... , i just tried it responding to this exercise and duo would not accept it :-(

Big 24 may 18

May 24, 2018


"Harminckét szék" is more common in everyday speech than "harminckettő szék", but BOTH are PERFECT.

March 27, 2019
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