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I don't know how to suggest things to Duolingo, so I am doing it here. How soon do you guys think German books will be on the Labs? Personally, that will be the best way for us German learners to 'get' the language better. Also, I like Duolingo a lot, but I don't feel as if I am getting the best 'education' ( couldn't think of a better word) translating German to English. Translating someone saying something in German I feel helps more. You hear it instead of just reading it, you hear it being spoken by a 'native' and decipher it from that. If you guys read this thanks for reading it. Also, Those of you who like this thanks.


August 17, 2017



Personally, I view Duolingo as only the bedrock to the long journey of language learning. Sorry to say it, but by no means does Duolingo really take anyone far. What Duolingo does is provide the learner with simple words needed to start learning somewhere else. Also, Duolingo can only go so far, if you aren't taking steps yourself (perhaps as small as turning the sound off or even as big as watching Tagesschau news reports or even tv shows on the ARD Mediathek (free)) you won't achieve anything. Sitting around waiting for Duolingo to make something for you isn't going to help. Furthermore, if all you think learning a language is translating, then you'll go nowhere. Take a stab at reading fairytales on your own. Think of the things you read as a small kid and read those, and "grow up" your reading.


Yes I know it the beginning, but I think I'll take your suggestion of reading books on my own.

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