"Sikuja kwa ajili ya mvua"

Translation:I did not come because of rain

August 17, 2017

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I did't come because of rain. Is correct but the test say wrong


"I did't come because of rain" is incorrect on three counts. "I didn't come, because of the rain" is correct English.


What is the difference between "kwa ajili" and "kwa maana"?


I am wondering the same thing. There are so many different ways of saying 'because' (kwa ajili ya, kwa sababu ya, maana ++) - are they all interchangeable?


There needs to be more flexibility in what answers are accepted by DL. One should not have to memorise less than ideal English phraseology just to move on, as they say "going along to get along" with DL. Kama wanasema kwa Kiswahili, "watu wanasema Kiingereza mbalimbali.


I am not a Native speaker, so my Swahili may not be correct. However I was trying to say “As they say in Swahili, people speak English in different ways.”


Swahili uses the habitual -hu tense in many proverbs, so my guess is that it should be husema. 'Different ways' would be njia mbalimbali, njia tofauti or njia tofauti-tofauti (njia = 'road, path, way' and tofauti is 'different'). So, my guess would be Watu husema Kiingereza njia tofauti-tofauti. But I'm not a native speaker either :)


Oh understand. Thanks


Exactly. By the way, what does your Swahili sentence mean? I'd like to learn it. Thanks


It should read: I didn't come because of rain. It's not fun having to write incorrect English to get an answer right


Over and over and over I have to type bad English so I can get it marked "right" and move on.


Anyone know why Kwa ajili ya is translated sometimes as 'because' and other times as 'on account of'?


The indicated solution is wrong! Please correct it. Thank you.

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