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Planning a German teaching Youtube channel - need feedback

I'm toying with the idea of creating a German teaching Youtube channel for English speakers and am currently brainstorming. Is there anything you guys would love to learn/know about? Any suggestions are welcome :)

August 17, 2017



I love Easy German and Learn German with Ania, but they lack of gamification and structure. It's a challenge to bring the progressive way of learning from a book to a youtube channel, so if you can make people feel like they're slowly evolving watching your videos, one after another, that will be great!


Everyone seems to focus on basics. It might be nice to have something that uses everyday common spoken words in conversations. Or something that reaches out to advance beginner, intermediate or advanced speakers too.


I noticed the same and actually have this issues with languages I'm studying. I'm planning on creating advanced level content (i. e. advanced beginner upwards) from the beginning. Thank you very much for the feedback :)


You're welcome. Another thought if it's possible would be have sub titles optional. I don't create things on Youtube & don't know if that is possible.


The channel will be in English explaining German content. I might consider adding subtitles in the video itself for the German words. Thanks :)


Great idea. I do not like channels that have a lot of English and something I miss is a channel with focus on pronunciation. Good luck.


I know it's dull, but I would love a youtube series to pull me through the basics of german grammer, particually sentence structure and differences between tenses. I try to read information on it and it's so hard to retain, maybe a fun series going over the information would help.

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