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Cool suggestions for Duolingo!

  1. Must have previous button in the lessons. (Can only check or discuss the answer, but can't recorrect them.)

  2. Have some videos links for language learning benefits. Use more different names for the lessons either than only "Duo"... ect. this could help us know more names of that country.

  3. Have some video learning for Duolingo. 5 Could highlight some words which would then be put into a vocabulary box. This could improve our vocab learning.

  4. Hold some special events such as "spelling", "writing", "listening" competitions which would be rewarded for lingots. This could improve the entertainment.

  5. Add a chatroom for the learners of each language where they can only speak that target language.

That's all I could think of so far. Anymore from other people? Please tell me from the comments below! I might add your ideas to this and include your name if you want. Thank you!

August 17, 2017


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This is the third time you've posted this list (after this post and this post). I don't think there's any need to keep repeating yourself.



Yes I repeated but the last time was two years ago, and I've only posted it two times, not three.


Well, the joke about "DuoLingo discussions forums" is that you can not really scroll through OLD threads (no way to show ALL threads in a sub-forum, no paging).
The "o" clock and scripts always hang and freeze, when I try to mass scroll down the "DuoLingo" and new subscription threads.

You will never find OLD threads, if you do not read daily NEW threads.
Even if I do, Duo stops loading more threads after some page down scrolls.

Therefore I have to be thankful if some people repost good threads from time to time, if not in a too short period.

The DuoLingo discussion forum and software technology for user-created threads (besides sentence translations) does lack ALL the basic features compared to real advanced open source forum software they use for bigger wake-/kitesurfing, RC model flying, forums etc.

The next big misconception is that put everything into "DuoLingo (German)" and DuoLingo (English") sub-forums, without any more grouping possibility.
No wonder we can not find any OLD postings if we search for a special thing.

Just take a look how many top and sub forums are available on www.helifreak.com, www.rc-network.de, www.rclineforum.de, www.rc-heli.de, www.oase.com, etc.

I learned it that way because there are have been tons of threads about "Mondly languages" and others, and they never showed up the past 280 days (I can not find or scroll / page through them, not even a basic listing with the headlines).

I was astonished seeing all the old (and some very good) posted DuoLingo threads which I was only able to find and scroll on google.

DuoLingo simply does not make use of the available potential.....


(1) Timed practice lasts 45-60 seconds, with pause button.

(2) Suggestions forum.

(3) Ability to make your goal a number other than IXP, 10XP, 20XP, 30XP, or 50XP (for instance, a goal of 40XP, or of 15XP)

(4) A bonus slang course.

(5) Bots on PC.

(6) ''Send lingot button'' on profile pages.

(7) A faster notification button.

You have some great ideas, @adamcheung5.


Wow! But I like number 6 most


Yep. That might be my favorite too.


i will do this right now

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