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Why the in App Purchases?

I was reccomending Duo Lingo to anyone who would listen up until I found out about in app purchases. Cant exactly sing Duo's praises now that school learners could potentially rack up big bills for their respective parents/guradians can I? Don't get me wrong I'll carry on using Duo because I still think its one of the best (if not the best) app around for language learning but... I'm disciplined and sensible enough to avoid the trap of IAP (In app purchases) Can a school kid be trusted to do the same? I wouldnt mind but Duo is now ad supported, which is wasnt previously, so why does Duo feel that IAPs are a necessary addtion as well. Sorry Duo, but long term I feel this will stifle your growth and potentially put others off using you. :(

August 17, 2017



There should be some parental controls for this.


I agree. I also feel less enthusiastic about recommending Duolingo due to recent changes.


Yeah. Immersion was my favorite feature and I've been using Duolingo less since it's been removed :(


I am a Luddite in regards to technology, but don't you need to put in credit card information to make in app purchases?


Not necssarilly. It can be part of your phone bill and/or be subtracted from pre-paid credit. There are some real horror stories about kids racking up big bills for parent here in the UK. (not with Duo admittedly, but for sure with other apps)


Good to know. Thank you.


Hi - you are right, I do lament the monetization of the site. But, we must remember that even Duo and it's team need the money to keep the site up and running, and research on new technologies and methods. It's all quite expensive, but we must be lucky to have such a good team working hard for us. If you would like to see more and what people think on the same issue, there is a post on "The State of Monetization on Duolingo" somewhere on the forums which I can't find now... I also wished it didn't happen, but such things are bound to happen.


State of Monetization at Duolingo: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/15695026

State of Monetization at Duolingo II: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22426779

(Heavy threads, slow to load.)


No one needs to buy it. It is optional and you don't have an advantage if you spend money on it. The ads really don't bother me.


Its reccomending Duo to children/ parents of children that bothers me the most. Most adults will be able to ignore it but its not the same for kids.


It's the parents' responsibility to watch their children. I need to type a password and choose a payment method purchase in-app features. Other apps for children have that too and that's fine. Children don't accidentally buy it too. You can educate your children not to buy it.


If you don't trust the phone/tablet user, go to your Google Wallet settings (on Android). Or the equivalent for Microsoft/Apple OS.

There are various methods to require a password for every purchase.

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