"Unaomba kitabu cha kingereza?"

Translation:Are you asking for the English book?

August 17, 2017

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I can't get this right until I type, Emglish....it is English not Emglish


What in the world is Duolingo Staff doing? this is ridiculous, EMGLISH?! really?


there is a mistake in the work English i.e. English is spelt incorrectly with ""m" being used instead of "n"


Please could you correct the spelling of English in the correct answer?


Is there a difference between simple present and present progressive in Swahili? "Do you ask for an English book" was not accepted.


There seems to be a difference, but I haven't advanced to that point yet. However, in many other exercises I have done so far, this course has always accepted both simple present and progressive present. It is probably just an oversight that it is not accepted here. I will report it.


This should be translated as "would you like an English book?" "Do you want a English book?" is unataka kitabu cha kingereza?


'You are asking for an English book?' I think this should also be correct because even without the word order the intonation can also imply a question.

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