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Assign stories in Duo classrooms?

I have been trying out the stories in the Labs section and they are awesome. Can those be assigned to students in duolingo classrooms? If not can that be made a thing soon? I think that would be a fun assignment for students.

August 17, 2017



They are in labs, meaning they are a temporary feature in testing. If it is successful and graduates from Labs, it will be possible to integrate it with Duolingo for Schools. Fingers crossed!


That would be awesome to be able to assign stories... Fingers crossed :)


I would like to assign the stories as well! It's a much better way to acquire the language. Please make it available for Duolingo Schools!


Unfortunately, I don't think so. :(


Would love to be able to assign stories to my students.


Today is 4/19/18 and I would love the idea of assigning the stories, which are amazing for my Spanish 2 students!!


I would like to assign the stories for my Spanish classes!!! Please make it available


Agreed. This would be a welcomed addition, especially if the TinyCards feature was included.

[deactivated user]

    Me too, I'd love to be able to assign stories to my students !


    Chiming in: I would also like this feature to be available for my students. It is in fact the primary reason for why I decided to try out Duolingo for classrooms, and I was very disappointed to see that it is not available to assign to my students!


    Please make stories available to assign for Classroom :)


    I'll be the 20th person to say, JA! Duolingo, bitte! <3

    The stories were what put me over the line from answering students "sure, use duolingo if you want to, it's good" to "today we are ALL going to start using Duolingo and it will be an assignment" The stories are keepers!


    Any updates on this feature? I would like to assign them as well. Having them to show completion is not ideal neither functional. Please assist, Duolingo. Thank you.


    Same here would love to have the option to assign stories to my students.


    I would also love this feature to be added! My students want it too!!


    i would like this added as well. 4/15/2019


    One of my students told me he read stories in Duolingo and loved them. I was so excited with the idea of implementing more activities for them. Well, I hope it can be a reality and we can use then next school year in Duolingo Classrooms. Yeah, fingers crossed!


    I completely agree! It would make teachers all of the world very happy if Duolingo would add stories as an option for Duolingo Classrooms. Please, please, please do it!


    Completely agree! I hope they are integrated to duolingo for schools :)

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