3 years

Today is the three year anniversary of my streak.

Please, keep your lingots, I have plenty already.

I am pretty excited to see if Duolingo events takes off. I applied to be a Portuguese event coordinator.

Duolingo worked for me. 3 years and one day ago, I didn't know any Portuguese and today I can pretty much understand what they are talking about on TV Câmara, which I think is like a Brazilian counterpart to C-Span. I get most of what they are talking about but sometimes they get a little extra fast-talking, which confuses this slow-talking Texan in any language, or start talking over one another. The language in which I am next-most proficient and have studied only on Duo would probably be Norwegian. Finishing the Norwegian tree seems to have helped me in all the Germanic languages.

I would like to see Lithuanian, Matlese and Old English in the incubator someday. And Croatian, those people requesting Croat sold me on it.

I still miss Immersion. This website is much less engaging and much less valuable without it.

Cartago delendum est.

August 17, 2017


Nice streak and nice language accomplishments.

Gratulerer, Deodwyn! :)

Great job! That's probably more than I'll ever get... but I'll try to get a streak like that someday. Good luck with getting a group going! I also gave you one lingot because you asked me not to :P

Estou aprendendo português para. Então, se você pode ler isso continue o bom trabalho!

Muito legal! Obrigado pra as tuas boas palavras.

Não há de quê

Nice i wonder how much i can learn in 3 years

Inspiring! Congrats and good luck with your future language learning!




Interesting the Portuguese Wikians seem willing to take a position on the relative frequency of word order for Carthago and it's to be delenda

Congratulations! Just a question to your last remark: What has Carthage ever done to you? Would you want to learn Latin if it showed up here, or do you just like to quote Cato?

I am quoting Cato, yes. I end most of my threads with the saying, just because.

So, would you want to learn Latin or do you already know it well enough?

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