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I want to learn to speak in french...

I've recently wanted to learn to speak french, and i'm not sure what the best way to approach it... should i listen and repeat to lots of audios or should i learn the grammar and learn to read in french? i honestly have no interest in reading and writing in french.. i only want to be able to speak fairly fluently, and looking at their complex grammar put me off, so if i want to speak french what should i do? also if possible please recommend me some audio online french courses, thank you.

August 17, 2017



The page Bonbonchat shared seems fine, it seemingly has good resources.

Also, check this page: http://www.sprachcaffe.com/english/magazine-article/great-resources-to-help-you-learn-french-2017-01-31.htm


You can start by doing the exercises here and emphasize the audio portions.

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