"Voi îl sunați după ora zece seara?"

Translation:Are you calling him after ten o'clock in the evening?

August 17, 2017

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Just thought does this mean you'll ring him after 10pm in the evening ie. this is about phoning (because the verb sounds like ringing, that's all), or it this to do with calling (hailing) him from outside in the street or similar. Thanks.


This is about giving him a phone call.


On the slow playback version of the sentence, the Romanian sound for the word "îl" is more like p' or t' or something, and nothing like "îl". The normal speed version sounds okay.


What is going on why are we using il and ii? It makes no sense


I don't understand why "Are you calling him after..." is not accepted. This is a more natural sentence. "Do you call him.." gives the impression that is an habitual thing.

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    Agreed, both "Are you calling him after ..." and "Will you call him after ... " sound much more natural to me but neither is accepted.


    îl and îi very bad pronounced!!!

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    Why is there not pe after sunati


    My understanding is that only the accented version is required, the unaccented is optional to add emphasis, e.g:

    voi îl sunați? - Do you call him? voi îl sunați pe el? - Do you call /him/?

    The 'pe' is just a grammatical tool needed with the unaccented version.

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