Translation:I love you

August 17, 2017

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The most important sentence, and so far into the course! It should have been in the first lesson :P


I fully agree! It's all you need.


I just imagine getting locked in a police lock up, only knowing this phrase and saying "I love you!" to every person you see until you get let out.


They won't let you out. You will, however, be transfered to a much nicer place, with soft walls and nice white robes. Maybe even some new nice leather belts.


Ah, we finally get to sentences that will enable me to pursue my life, my goals, my reality.


Nice for you. Than you can finally stop learning suaheli! I would like to talk with the people...so I have to go on....


Why in Malaika the singer sings: "Malaika, nakupenda Malaika". Why she doesn't say "ninakupenda"?


It's very common, in everyday conversation, to omit the ni- personal prefix in present tense. So nakupenda instead of ninakupenda, nataka instead of ninataka, and so on.

Most people use the nina- form and the na- form interchangeably, but some would use the two in slightly different settings. The na- form would be the first person present indefinite form, when you are talking about something that is done right now, but it doesn't make clear whether the action is finished or if it is just finished (present perfect, nime- form) or if it is a process still in action (present continuous, nina- form).


What in this word refers to (you) I thought it trabslates to just I love


The infix '-ku-' refers to 'you' being the object of the verb. So it's ni(i)-na(present tense)-ku(you)-penda(love).


is this -ku explanation gonna come up somewhere in the course?


It's in the notes for the skill "Object Infixes" (Obj. Inf. in short). For persons, the object infixes are as follows:

-ni- 1st p. sg.
-ku- 2nd p. sg.
-m-/-mw- 3rd p. sg.

-tu- 1st p. pl.
-wa- 2nd p. pl.
-wa- 3rd p. pl.

So if you want to say "I love her/him" it would become "Ninampenda".
And yes, both second person and third person plural use the same object infix.


irene mueni - ninakupenda

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