I love French, but, I need some more study tips on healthier ways to study. Online and on paper.

August 17, 2017


Hey I have a question for you. French and ─░talian are similar?

Yes, both of them comes from the same linguistic family, but the french pronunciation is harder than the italian (in my opinion)!

I am understand. Thanks for your informations.

Youtube. Watch the kind of stuff you like. There are tons and tons of documentaries for example (Documentaire in French).

Put French Youtube content as background while you play video games. You won't even realise it, but you will learn.

Subliminal learning works really well, you don't really need to consciously listen to learn the melody of the language. Your brain is always listening even if you are not aware of it.

And if you need subtitles, there is a Youtube filter to only get videos with subtitles. It will reduce the choice, but you still have tons of videos on Youtube with proper subtitles.

Watching lots and lots of videos is the best way to learn a language. And it's not "work" or "study", it's leisure and hobby. Instead of watching English content on Youtube, you watch the same content but in French. This is especially easy in French as it's one of the most widely spoken languages online.

Hello im very good in french and i would like to help you

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