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le chapeau existe en noir

Hi, I'm probably on the wrong discussion site (again), but I'm old and the Duolingo French lessons are hard enough without trying to figure out the "tech" niceties. Anyhow, I am curious about the English translation of "le chapeau existe en noir" (Duolingo says it's "the hat exists in black," and I don't understand what that means). Is that like "shopping information" (e.g., if one is shopping for a black hat, but sees one on display in another color?). Sorry for bothering everyone, but thanks for indulging an old lady. Merci, Monica

August 17, 2017



Duo lingo seems to accept word for word translations, even if you would never say it that way in English.


I'd take it to mean the hat is available in black ... shopping, as you say.

Fyi, when you get any exercise wrong and the red banner tells you the answer, in the top right of the banner is a little flag, which takes you to the comments page. It's a very useful place to check out what went wrong, as you are unlikely to be the first to ask whatever question - grammar, comprehension, etc. Good luck

Update: Actually you want the SPEECH BUBBLE to get to comments. You'd think I'd know that be now ... but am getting old too. Thats why Duo works for me - very repetitve until it becomes instinctive. :)


Yes, it does mean, 'the/this hat is available in black'.


Thanks...I don't expect to have the time to go shopping on my upcoming trip to Paris, but good to know...mystery solved!


Lady Monica, I which you a great time in Paris !


Thanks so much to you and everyone else who has taken the time to respond to my stupid questions and offer suggestions as I plod through the Duolingo exercises. My adult daughter tells me I'm wasting my (and your) time, and she's probably right...but the idea of trying to learn (re-learn) a few basics is seductive (albeit totally frustrating and humiliating!). Many thanks again for your indulgence and support, Monica

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