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I wish the course will be on web soon

Lacking tips and notes really cools down my enthusiasm to continue the study on the app. It is a little frustrating to learn the language by making mistakes.

I hope they will launch the web version soon. The current method to hack to the web version is meaningless for me, since there isn't tips and notes at all.

Does anyone know what is the obstacle for them to launch the web version?

August 17, 2017



I absolutely agree. Plus the app is very slow and fiddly compared with the web and lacks typing exercises in Japanese.
The obstacle is presumably formatting the character-challenge questions for the web (as mentioned in a recent Korean course status update); I can't imagine that this is terribly difficult, but no doubt the Duolingo coders have many other things to do.


Another obstacle is the Kanji. Often they only teach you how to say it rather than what it means.


It ought to appear in a sentence soon afterwards. The problem is probably due to the fact that skills sometimes have more sentences associated with them than they have questions in a given lesson, so the sentences can fall such that certain kanji don't get seen; repeating the lesson should increase the odds that a given kanji shows up in a sentence.
This isn't a problem only for Japanese; it's very possible to miss words in other courses if one only does a skill once and doesn't revisit it.


I find that keeping your google translate app handy solves most problems. I also recommend the use of tiny cards. I am in the process of really learning the Hiragana and the Katakana which takes me lots and lots of repetitions and review.

I dont want to just learn words, I want to learn how to learn words. Having spent a lot of time in Japan, and going back again in a few weeks for an extended stay, I find that Duolingo is the only program that provides the continuous drill and repetition that I need to learn an language.
My husband has passed the level 5 national Japanese language exam. He recommends Midori as the best dictionary app, I havent found it useful yet, but expect to very soon.


For repetitive drilling on specific kanji I would recommend using an SRS as well, such as memrise or anki


Can't Kanji be pronounced in many different ways depending on the context? Do the only teach you one way?


That's another thing. However, I'm not entirely certain.


Garpike do you know of a status update page like the Korean one but for Japanese?


The corresponding Japanese course page is here. However, all it says about this is 'because of "something new", we'll need an extra effort to support the course on different platforms'.


I've heard that one of the challenges includes doing the tips and notes.


I hope it comes this year i dont like mobile apps like duolingo is the only reason i even got a smart phone i prefer to use my laptop


The obstacle (At least I think so) is the writing system. They want to make sure that everyone learns it good enough on the web version, so that's probably what's holding them back the most.


I just hope they get it up as soon as possible, am really looking forward for the web version but just gotta settle for the app.


Yes, indeed. I hope they launch Japanese on the web soon. I think the obstacle that is holding them back is probably the new script-teaching thing. They probably need to figure out how to implement it on the web.

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