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Food 1 Lesson Words Are Not Appearing In Their Lessons

Hello, I do not know if this was posted somewhere else, I tried to search but the site doesn't give many advanced search options or filters.

First off, I am enjoying the courses and they are really helping me a lot and I am very grateful for the work and time that has been put into them. However, I have noticed a few words appearing in the lesson outlines of Food 1 that are not actually covered within the course. However, those words are still showing up when I try to strengthen skills. I have only gotten through Food 1, so I am not sure if there are more. I know there are some extras thrown at you in strengthen skills, but the ones that are supposed to be showing up as lesson words and are not are the ones that are bothering me.

What I have found so far: Lesson 1- "masă" Lesson 3- "usturoi" Lesson 4- "maioneză"

I have gone through these courses a second time just to make sure, and never saw them pop up. For instance, I have been caught by one of the "Type what you hear" questions because I had no idea what word it was saying. That question was my first exposure to the word maioneză, even though that word was supposed to appear in Lesson 4.

Just thought I would let someone know, as I can't really do the report it for the lessons.

Keep up the good work though! I am looking forward to what else is in store for me in the next lessons! Hoping to be able to take a trip to Romania in the future, and this will be a valuable asset to my travels.

August 17, 2017


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