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  5. "Aceasta este Țara Galilor."

"Aceasta este Țara Galilor."

Translation:This is Wales.

August 17, 2017



Interesting name for wales i wonder where this name came from latin maybe?


"Le pays de Galles" in French.


Sure;since Hadrian imperator of Rome.


In French, Wales is "Pays de Galles", so it would seem likely that Romanian got the name, or at least the word "Gal" from French, where the word "Galle" appears to be a corruption into French from Anglo-Saxon or old Germanic. From French Wikipedia:

"Le nom anglais, Wales, est issu du mot germanique Walh, qui signifie « parlant une langue celtique ou romane ». Il a donné Galles en français car le W germanique est devenu G en français (ex. : Wilhelm = Guillaume, Walho = pays gallo)"

(The English name, Wales, comes from the Germanic Walh, which means "speaking a Celtic or Roman language" (i,e. for an Anglo-Saxon, a foreigner). It came into French as "Galles" because the Germanic W became G in French, eg Wilhelm > Guillame)


Any reason not to say 'This is the country of Wales' i'm English and it seems fine to me - for example if you are showing a visitor round and reach the top of the black mountains and looking west with a sweeping gesture of your hand proclaim 'This is the country of Wales'


Just realising Galilor is the plural so it is literally the country of the Welsh which is also perfectly good English but not accepted.


It's not accepted because although the literal meaning of "Țara Galilor* may be "the land of the Welsh", it's simply the standard proper name in Romanian (notice that Țara starts with a capital) for the country whose standard name in English is Wales, not the land of the Welsh, however good, even poetic, English that might be. As the song says:

"When you come home again to Wales"
- "Când vii din nou acasă în Țara Galilor"


A spin-off of "This is England" I suppose

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