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  5. I miss the quizzes!!!


I miss the quizzes!!!

I am feeling very good about my German these days. Really wish we had the quizzes back so I could gauge my progress. What was the point of taking them away in the first place???

August 18, 2017



I'm not sure whether it was a deliberate taking away.

They re-wrote the website from scratch a while back, and this is one feature they didn't program into the new one.

At least not yet.

But if you look at https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002969903-Duolingo-s-New-Website , specifically the section "Under consideration" underneath "Features", it doesn't look as if bringing this feature to the new version is a priority.


"Progress quiz (we would rather focus efforts on creating other, more popular shop items)" -I don't know what shop items they could provide that would be more valuable than the quizzes.


I imagine the wording was deliberate -- "more popular" and not "more valuable".

Duolingo's metrics seem to be centred around number of users -- things that are valuable for serious learners but put off less dedicated learners (such as translation into the target language) are minimised.

What earns them the most money? People coming back (to see their ads in between sessions) week after week and people who buy items in the shop.

Not necessarily having as many people as possible reach B1 level in the language.

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