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  5. "He exercises in the morning."

"He exercises in the morning."

Translation:Ele se exercita de manhã.

March 9, 2013



Why would "ele se exercita na manhã" be wrong?


For saying the period of the day using morning, in portuguese we say in the morning = de manhã, in the afternoon = à tarde, in the evening / at night = à noite. Ele se exercita na manhã wouldnt make sense.


Got it, thanks


Some people use "de tarde" and "de noite", but they are not correct. We would say "na manhã" when it is specific, examples "na manhã de sábado", "na manhã de sua entrevista" and so on :)


It wouldn't be wrong to say 'na manhã' but in this case it would specify which morning I exercise. Both answer should be right in this question.

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