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  5. "I come from Germany."

"I come from Germany."

Translation:Ich komme aus Deutschland.

August 18, 2017



What is the difference between Komme and Kommt


Komme and kommt are different conjugations to the verb kommen (to come).

Ich komme Du kommst Er/sie/es kommt Wir kommen Ihr kommt Sie/sie kommen

The english equivilent would be between I eat and he eats.


so subjects will change. you know...


Is there any rule of 'Tense' in German language grammar? Like the past form of 'come' is 'came' what is the past form of 'komme'?


Yes of course! You are still at the very beginning of the German course. There are plenty more conjugations waiting for you to be learned...

The past forms of kommen are:

  • Ich kam = "I came"

  • Du kamst = "You came"

  • Er/sie/es kam = "He/she/it came"

  • Wir kamen = "We came"

  • Ihr kamt = "You came" (plural)

  • Sie kamen = "They came"


Why is it bin and not kommst or komme? Does bin not mean "am"?


You can translate the English sentence both ways:

I come from Germany.
= Ich komme aus Deutschland.
= Ich bin aus Deutschland.

There is a small ambivalence, however, with the first translation as that might mean – given a specific context – that you are arriving from Germany and not necessarily that you originate from there.


Doesn't continue after end of exam


Would it be incorrect to say "Ich komme von Deutschland"? Or "Ich bin von Deutschland"?


What is the difference between Komme and kommst.

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