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  5. "Give me the chicken."

"Give me the chicken."

Translation:Gib mir das Hähnchen.

August 18, 2017



'Gib mir das Huhn' is not accepted as a possible translation for 'Give me the chicken' though 'Huhn' is offered in word hint as a possible translation. Why? :-o


Gib mir das Hühnchen should be accepted as well.

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It is accepted now


I thought we remove (e)n from the infinitive - so Geb mir..../ Gebe mir... /Geben mir... Correct?


No, not correct, as you can see here.

For du, the command form will have a changed vowel (e to i or ie) if the normal form does as well, e.g. geben, du gibst: gib! or sehen, du siehst: sieh!.

But a change of a or au to ä or äu is not in the imperative: halten, du hältst: halt! laufen, du läufst: lauf!


misterbrian, the three imperative forms are:
gib mir
gebt mir
geben Sie mir


Is "gibe mir" an acceptable form for singular you? I thought you could an "e" in this case


Is "gibe mir" an acceptable form for singular you?


I thought you could an "e" in this case

You cannot.

Similarly with nimm! and iss! and hilf! -- none of them have alternate forms with -e.


Why Gebt mir das Haehnchen is wrong? I can ask 'you guys, give me the chicken!', cannot I?


Why is the verb "reichen" (so "reich mir") wrong here?


why gebt and not geb?


When you are speaking to several people, the imperative is gebt!.

When you are speaking to one person, the imperative is gib!. (With the same vowel change as in du gibst.)

geb! is not the correct imperative form for any listener in standard German. (Though you may hear it from some native speakers, especially in the north. I'd consider it uneducated, though.)


Is the the same chicken with whom we were drinking red wine?


Why Gib mir das Hähnchen, but Nimm mich nach Berlin?


Why Gib mir das Hähnchen, but Nimm mich nach Berlin?

In the first sentence, you're the indirect object, the recipient; in the second sentence, you're the direct object, the one who is taken.


Whats wrong with "geben mir das hahnchen"?

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The use of "geben" requires Sie in German imperative constructions:
Geben Sie mir das hahnchen
Meantime the informal forms gib/gebt are used by themselves.

P.S. ion1122 has already explained that; have you tried reading the entire thread before posting?

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