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Reverse Tree is great!

Upon the recommendation of others, upon reaching my goal in French, I have started a reverse tree - that is learning English as if I were a native French speaker. I was able to get through the tree rather quickly and since then have been doing the maintenance exercises. Doing so has been so helpful. There are many words and sentences which are different from the french program. In addition, when I am asked to write what I hear in english, I first translate in my head what I think the sentence would be in french and then compare that with the actual language given (upon verifying the english sentence). I am finding so many more sentences which use the future, conditional and other tenses than were in the english program exercises. This has improved my usage and understanding of those tenses. In short, give the reverse trees a try - they are great to supplement your regular learning.

August 18, 2017



Try learning another language while pretending you are a native French speaker.


I have finished French and will probably complete my reverse tree in the next month. I started French from a "zero basis", so I find the reverse tree a lot more challenging than what I expected it to be. I agree - you do learn a lot.


Yes, i also think that is a good way to improve our level.


That's great! Also, did your English improve too? I am about to end my French tree and start the reverse one!


You're right! I finished my French tree and began learning Spanish and Portugese from French, and it really helped.

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