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Study German in English, but I'm Korean.


I live in Seoul, S. Korea. I study German in English. It was hard to adapt at first time, because I'm not native speaker of English. Almost Korean has a fear about English. I was one of them. But, it's getting better. Duolingo makes me be easier. I really thank to members of Duolingo.

I'm basic speaker of German. English is more comfortable than German. Actually, both of them is not easy for me until now.

Two weeks ago, I have been Munich in Germany for 9 days. It was amazing experience to me. I could read almost words and some sentences, because I have studied German in five months by Duolingo.

Tell me your experiences. Thank you~!

August 18, 2017



I'm also learning German from English and both of them are foreign languages for me. I feel pretty comfortable with using English, I use it every day, but I still sometimes had problems in the duolingo course because English is not my native language. I make spelling mistakes, which I think can happen to everyone, but it is more common if you're writing in a foreign language. I sometimes encountered German words that I knew the meaning, but couldn't remember the English word. I often didn't translate phrases properly. And it was so difficult to pass the Future Perfect skill, not because of German because it's pretty simple in German, but because I don't know it that well in English, that I became so frustrated and almost asked an English speaking friend to finish the skill for me, so that I can move on, but in the end I did manage to do the skill myself. But it also had some advantages to use one foreign language to learn another: my spelling improved and I even learned a few new English words and phrases.


Cool! I speak Korean and English together, and I understand both sides of the languages. 여기가 외국말 배우기 좋은곳같아요~ Don't you think so? My Korean is a bit more choppy than English, however. ☺


한국말 잘하시네요~! I think that you are better Korean speaker than me.


No, 그렇지않아요. ☺ 전 영어를 더 잘해요! I was born in the US, but I am ethnically Korean. 어릴때부터 한국어를 배워서 그나마 꽤 이혜 할수 있는거에요. 하지만 아직도 띄어쓰기가 진짜 어려워요... ☺ Your English is very good! ♪


I have no experienece in German . :((


Seoul Korea! Lucky my favourite place i want to visit there so badly! as you can probably tell I'm a huge K-pop fan and i can't help myself! I speak English fluently as i live in England.It is basically my childhood and all i can remember are the memories i made in England. German is quite hard and tricky to understand sometimes and it is known to be quite a difficult language compared to others so don't worry at all! you can probably speak better than me.I know a bit of German but hardly i learn at school but i was also born in Germany but i don't remember anything which is a shame! and i hope you had an amazing time in Munich as I've visited there as well! Although, it is not my birthplace so if you ever wanted to go somewhere else in Germany try visiting Berlin or Freiburg (that is where i was born) they are all beautiful cities but Germany as a whole is a complete new experience with new traditions and cultures its a must see country! I love Korea even more though i want to visit and learn Korean too! They(Duolingo) are currently making a course for English speakers like me who want to learn Korean and it will be out soon and i'm ready for it because as soon as it is out i'm gonna practise Korean everyday i know some basic words as me and my sister have watched many K dramas and films together and i actually watched two yesterday (The silenced and Hope) They were amazing ! As usual i love everything about Korea sorry for fangirling about your country so much i just respect it so much and i would be so proud to have a Korean friend like you in real life that would be truly amazing lol! Any ways thank you for reading if you are and sorry that this is super long it was not intended but anyway i hope i can help you in someway and fighting with your language progress! #ARMY

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