"Er ist schön."

Translation:He is beautiful.

August 18, 2017



In English "handsome" for male, "beautiful" for female. What about in German?

September 26, 2017


Would you say "He is handsome" referring to a male dog? You certainly could do (especially if you're Cornish!), but "He is beautiful" would feel more natural to me.

I know that you are talking about customary usage and what you are saying is correct, but men can be beautiful too! :p

November 3, 2017


So I'm guessing this means physically good-looking which in the case of males should be "handsome"

August 18, 2017


It could also mean any object which is grammatically masculine:
Der Kamin ist schön. / Der Blumenstrauß ist schön.

August 18, 2017


The german 'er' would work for items,
but the proposed english translation 'he' does not.

August 18, 2017


That's true.

August 18, 2017


quis, this is new to me. I want to make sure I get it right. "Der Kamin" (the fireplace), can we say "Er ist schön" (He is beautiful.) or just "Es ist schön" (It is beautiful) for "It is beautiful"?

August 26, 2017


You use the personal pronoun which corresponds to the gender of the respective object (regardless of whether it is abstract or material):

Das rote Auto ist kaputt. = Es ist kaputt.
Der Kamin ist schön. = Er ist schön.
Die Melodie geht mir nicht aus dem Kopf. = Sie...

And, of course, this is true for all cases in German:

Ich lernte die Theorie lieben. = Ich lernte sie lieben.
Ich sah der Parade hinterher. = Ich sah ihr hinterher.
Ich warf dem ersten einen zweiten Stein nach. = Ich warf ihm einen zweiten nach.
Er folgt dem Taxi. = Er folgt ihm.

August 26, 2017


Wow, your day streak is impressive! Congratulations!

December 10, 2017


How to pronounce schon

January 19, 2018


The best way to describe it is to say the vowel of English "bet" and while doing so to round your lips. You should produce a close approximation of the vowel in schön.

May 28, 2018



April 30, 2018


I translated the sentence as He is fine. Is that wrong?

November 21, 2017


I wrote "he is nice" (meaning it as friendly or amicable) and it was accepted. I was wondering if saying "shön" has mostly a physical connotation, or could I say it too when I'm referring to a person's attitude/personality?

December 10, 2017
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