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Learning French once and for all!

Hello, duolingo community! Ive been learning French in secondary school and highschool, so at least for 8 back to back years. Ive solo tried to learn it practicing and solving exercises, but in faculty the interest for it died out. In the 2nd year, however, I had something like a revelation. I was reviewing the list of compulsory reads for one of my next seminaries and Ive seen one article in French. Because it was the shortest I decided to try and read it. I went to the library, took it and started reading. I couldnt believe it! I was understanding much of it. Maybe because my first language is Romanian, maybe because of my 8 years of French. I understood most of it! I was so glad! 3 more years passed in which my only pursuit regarding French was reading a kids novel. However, I didnt understand much of it and I was sad because of this.

Now I have decided that I must learn this language. I cant wait any longer. The right time is now. Ok, Ive done the placement test on duo and Ive answered to like half of the questions correctly. However, I didnt test outor something like that. No problem, I have started from the beginning again and I wont stop until I will have at least B2 at reading. Bonne chance to everybody reading this! (its a random post with random thoughts, but I wanted to share all these with you)

August 18, 2017



I like your enthusiasm!

Si je peux t'aider en quelque chose, je serais heureux de le faire.

Bonne chance!


Thank you for your reply. Maybe we can try to conversate in French after I will improve. Cheers!


thats great. si tu veux d l'aide juste demande!


Thanks for your reply. I will as soon as I need help!


Hello Mugur_Saxon_Owl ! ;)

I am a native French and if you need any help for this language, call me! I love English, it is a superb language! :D

So see you later! :)

P.S: I hope my English was correct!


Thanks for your reply and for your kindness. Yes, it is correct, hehe :)


trés bien, moi je fait francais aussi!


pas mal, bonne chance dans tes etudes!


Good luck with your duolingo French learning!!!!

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