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  5. "We are selling it"

"We are selling it"


August 18, 2017



Which ngeli does "it" belong to? "Tunaiuza" was accepted, but with a typo.


It's Ji/Ma. I don't know if the hover hint tells you -- it does coming at the discussion from the sentences tab, but that gives info for the translation, not the question.


Ok, so that would be the default ngeli for a general "it" then. So then my question would be can't "it" be something already mentioned, and therefore belong to another ngeli? As in Q:"What are you doing with the table?" A:"We are selling it." It seems to me that more than just "Tunaliuza" should be accepted here.


I agree, but for Duolingo's purposes, I would use N/N agreement for unknown "it", as it seems to be the safest option. You should probably report it anyway, though.


What does ngeli mean?

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