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German Tree Completed Golden

I have finally completed my German Tree with all lessons (Including the 3 bonus courses) golden !

It has taken me 3 years (1158 Days) to finish. I used the Web and IOS versions for learning. I ended up with 56% Fluency, 2482 Words learned, Level 24 in German, and a 98 day streak.

For the first few years my learning was more casual, no large streaks and only 40 exp or so per day. It was only in the last 98 days that I started to get more serious about completing the tree. This required much more effort, around 100 exp per day to keep up with the lessons that turned to color from golden each day.

My strategy for learning was always try to keep everything golden from the top down (easiest to hardest) before continuing on to harder lessons. I had to modify this though once IOS hearts went live so that whenever I had full hearts I would hit up a new lesson. This was not the fastest way, but it kept my foundation from earlier lessons strong.

Next up for me is French.

Thanks DUO

August 18, 2017



Gut gemacht!!


And did you feel any real progress with your German?. I mean you feel more confident when you use that for example: to chat, read or write




Sie haben toll gemacht!


Gratuliere! Ich wuenche dir viel Erfolg!


Well done! Especially with the endurance and it being gold.


Ausgezichnet! Sehr gut! :)


Hoping to complete the tree myself in the coming weeks and also keep golden, then achieve level 25 at some point with consistent practise. Well done and good luck with the French tree - also my next stop once my German is significantly better :)


Herzlichen Gl├╝ckwunsch!


after finishing the tree did you take a course online to see what level you've gone so far? I'm half way through my tree and I hope I reach A2 or even B1, do you think it's possible?

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