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French music?

Does anyone know any good/popular French music? thanks for your answers in advance!

August 18, 2017



I don't know if my music taste is any good or at all popular but I love the French artist Alma who did the song in 2017 eurovision and I was reccently shown a song 'SOS d'un terrain en detresse' by Gregory Lemarchal


i really like SOS d'un terrain en detresse!!


Anything. By. Indila.

Sorry, I just really love her. I would suggest "Tourner Dans le Vide" because of the message behind it, along with the cinematics. Not to mention, it just sounds beautiful.


I love Indila too! ;) ( and I am French)!


Tu es française ? C'est super !


Oui! ;) Et toi, dans quel pays vis-tu?


Je suis Américaine. Je parle l'anglais, mais je peux parler le français... Un peu!


Cool! J'adorerais visiter les États-Unis, d'après les photos que je regarde sur Internet, c'est MAGNIFIQUE! :D

P.S: Je peux te dire que ton français est déjà très bon! ;)



Vraiment? Merci beaucoup! Ton anglais est très bon, aussi! :D


Merci! Ça me fait vraiment plaisir!


Her music is so good! When I began learning French earlier this month I decided to listen to French music (to be exposed to the language more) and fell in love with Indila. The Mini World album is so amazing and I've learned so many French words because of her! :D


There's a folk group from Montreal called Le Vent du Nord. As I am absorbing more French, I'm picking out more words in their songs. I'm sorta biased since I have ancestors from Montreal.


Hello Captain_Duo! :)

I am French and I can suggest you some good and popular French music: “La vie est belle" by Nassi, "Pas fatigué" by Nassi, "Chocolat" by Lartiste (I don't like this song), the songs of Stromae: "Papaoutai", "Carmen", "Tous les mêmes", "Alors on danse", "Formidable" ... There is the rapper Kery James : "Lettre à la République", "Post Scriptum", "Racailles"... His songs have a great meaning. You can listen Indila who is a good singer!

So I hope I could help you, and see you soon! ;)

P.S: I hope my English was correct! :D


why hello there!! goodness that's a lot of songs!! :D and your English is very good!!


You will say me if you like those songs! :)


yes, i'll have to listen to them later though


Just a small correction to your English: we would say "Will you tell me if..." Hope that helps.


Thank you for correcting me !


After, you will can ask me the translations in English! :)


Oh and I forgot the KIDS UNIDED! :)


If you want French songs with lyrics which are hard to understand, try this :

Mickey 3d - il faut que tu respires / Noir désir - des visages, des figures / Detroit - droit dans le soleil / Zazie - des rails / Indochine - l'aventurier / Mylène Farmer - désenchantée / IAM - l'école du micro d'argent / ... If you need more songs, tell me what kind of music you usually listen....there are also French-speaking songs with different accents, from Africa...


J'adore Fréro Delavega :-)


Moi aussi, mais leur premier album était mieux


If you want Romantic french music, its got lots of words in one note. Sounds excelllent


I am an English speaker and have been using french music videos as part of my learning experience for about 6 months. What I do is go on you tube and listen to french music. I use an iPad. Once I find a song I like I copy and paste the lyrics in note pad. I then listen to the video and split screen with note pad. After I listen to the french lyrics for awhile concetrating on the pronounciation of the words, I translate the lyrics, placing the English lyrics under each individual line. I suggest go on you tube and start with any of the artist that any of the posters suggested. You want songs that have words that are completely spoken out and the repetition of the lines help. I find that in listening to french movies a lot of the dialogue gets compressed and is often difficult to undertand. With french music the words are stretched out for emphasis and pauses are used for effect, this helps in picking out the individual word and phrases. Once you start you tube they will give you suggestions for songs. As a side note' I was listening to french music so exclusively on you tube, I started to get French pop up adds.


Listen to 7 heures du matin by Catherine Taieb


I agree with anyone who added L'Ecole du Micro D'Argent (it's a modern classic). If you like Hip Hop, IAM (obviously), Disiz La Peste, Arsenik, Saian Supa Crew and Fonky Family are all good. My knowledge of Frenchy music is pretty non existent outside of rap, but enjoy, and good luck digging up gold to you sir!


Écoutez la liste de lecture de chansons francophones que j'ai créee, plua d'information sur mon blogue ici : https://regardsurlefrancais.com/2016/02/27/chansons-francophonesquebecoises/


Mika is bilingual and has a few French language pop songs on YouTube. Someone has already said Frero Delavega. I really like Boulevard des Airs - try the Bruxelles album (again on YouTube) but watch out for the bits of Spanish mixed in. Try Sanseverino for funny, very tight Django Reinhardt-inspired jazz guitar, but be warned - he sings at 100kph. If none of this is your thing, there's always Carla Bruni, believe it or not.


I forgot to add - there is a Disney French channel on YouTube so you can sing along to songs from La Reine des Neige, Le Roi Lion etc. etc.

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