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Practice whole language

Hi there!

A few weeks ago, I finished the language tree for Dutch. Because I wanted to practice it a bit, I clicked the button "Strengthen skills" on the right (web version). But instead of getting sentences from all categories "shuffeled", I would need to begin practicing with "the man" and "a girl" and so on. Is it possible to repeat a language as a whole, not just strengthen every topic on its own?

Thanks in advance

August 18, 2017



They should have a mixed tenses skill at the end so that your choice of correct tense can be tested.


you could do English for Dutch speakers. if you'd like, you could restart your Dutch tree and do it over again


Which would mean practising "the man" and "the girl" again, topic by topic.


Not if you test out of those skills.


Or as to not erase all of it, you could create a second account instead of restarting.


i wanted to know this too!!!!!!!!!


The overall strengthen skills used to draw from the entire tree, but people complained about it, so they changed it to just practice one skill at a time. I've found that after I finish a tree, I generally know which skills need the most practice, in my case - verbs, so I focus on those and ignore any that seem not necessary such as the skills for mama, papa, and so on.

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