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  5. "Arrivano al ristorante."

"Arrivano al ristorante."

Translation:They arrive at the restaurant.

March 10, 2013



arrive & come are surely the same meaning? They come to the restaurant?


They have not the same meaning.

to arrive = arrivare

to go = andare

to come = venire

"They come to the restaurant" would be "Vengono al ristorante" or "Vengono nel ristorante"

If one of the suggested solutions say "They come to the restaurant" please report it.

(People that comment here often don't see the question you had to answer, if you make clearer questions it will be easier to give you an answer)


When you hover over "arrivano" the list includes "(they) comes" as well... Either the list or the answers should be changed, in my opinion.


At first they give you the basic meaning. That's why you should always choose the first word on hover. Later you may need the other meanings.


Not to mention:

'They are coming to the restaurant' means that the people implied with 'they' are on their way.

When they are 'arriving', it means they are currently at the restaurant, because they have just arrived there.


I was confused with this one as usually 'al' is used as 'to the' not 'at the'... So when is 'al' applicable. Thank you. :)


Perchè non va bene la mia traduzione? Devo scusarmi se permancanza di tempo spesso non uso l'iniziali maiuscole.


I put the arrive, and I am corrected with same answer, as if ai am wrong, why is this?


It says my answer is wrong because it must be "They arrive to the restaurant". The word arrive takes in/at but what the he.. is "arrive to" a place???


Hi, in English you normally arrive at somewhere, e.g. i arrived at the restaurant


How do you know it's 'they' why can't it be 'I'?


The conjugation of the verb tells you. "I arrive" would be arrivo. "They arrive" is arrivano.


The phrase "at the restaurant" should get replaced with "to the restaurant".


And once they came they were hangry because the waiter told them to wait 20 minutes.


isnt we and they pretty much the same thing


No. "We" is more than one person that includes the speaker (1st person plural). "They" means more than one person that does not include the speaker or receiver (3rd person plural).


FU duolingo. "The" is the typo from "they".

I want to learn italian here and 90% of ma errors are due to english mistakes Is extremely frustrating and annoying

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