"My pants"

Translation:I miei pantaloni

March 10, 2013



To someone from the UK, 'pants' means underwear. No-one would ever say this word when meaning outerwear!! Trousers' would be used.in the stated context.


thanks, good to know for us not native english speakers! so it would be kinda awkward to say someone that (s)he has adorable pants, right? :D


Haha, yes. Men wear pants & women wear knickers!


actually, while that might be the case in the UK, in Australia, 'pants' means 'trousers' and saying that someones pants are nice would be fine.


In all of North America, calling something 'pants' means the equivalent of 'trousers" although it is a more general term. Some guy: "He is wearing pants" Some other person: "What kind of pants?" Some guy: "Jeans"


That would be weird even with trousers lol


To someone from the US, men and women wear "pants" and old fuddy-duddy men wear "trousers" (if they aren't already wearing a stretch leisure suit).



I consider my pants to be jeans and my dress pants to be trousers.


You do say 'my pants' for trousers in some parts of UK


Never - 'pants' are strictly underpants in English. In the American dialect of English it might be different


this is NOT strictly true - young boys wear pants. Pants is used as a more fun word - also it can also be slang for 'rubbish' i.e. that's pants - so you will probably hear it. Pants are definitely trousers and this distinguishes them from underpants. However, it may be safer to use the word trousers or jeans


No!!! In ENGLISH- the language spoken in ENGLAND - 'pants' are what you wear under your trousers. If colonial dialects choose to give it other meanings, that is up to them!

Added - Cummon guys, lighten up.... it was a lighthearted comment emphasising the fact that British English and other varients differ in how they use words.... and a comment on the fact that native English speakers have complained about DuoLingo insisting on American English spellings and grammar (though it is getting better at that!)


Am i alone in thinking that your reply is so rude? I have said above that it is preferable to use trousers or jeans but the word pants IS used. Perhaps regionally or in a more informal way. We also commonly use terms like jogging pants and ski pants and in context English people would know perfectly well what you were talking about. I know many people who would use the word pants but I know no one who would refer to 'colonial dialects' !!! As a person born and bred in England (with ancestors going back to before the Conquest) your response is not only rude but arrogant - if I had been American, or Canadian for example, I would be aghast. I will not reply to any further comment that you make as I find your attitude demeans English people and those who come to this programme to learn - rather than hear someone 'mansplaining' OK be wary of how you use the word but please don't assume that all English people are so crass (pants maybe!)


Why not miei pantaloni?


I am pleased to see that DL accepts 'mutande' (underwear) for 'pants', for us English English speakers who think pants are what you wear under your trousers!


It didn't accept mutande 14/2/2020


Why can't I say "Mio pantaloni"?


Why can't I say, "il mio pantaloni"?


Because "il mio" is singular and "pantaloni" is plural so is how to say "a horses"


Is there a singular form of "pantaloni" also commonly used, or is it always used in the plural form, like in English?


So far as I know, it is like the English usage - always plural. But pantoloni means trousers, of course - pants are mutande! :)


Well, I'm not british nor american, but i understant that the 'pants' vs. 'trousers' is a big deal.


Why are pants mundane?


Oh. Never mind... mutande


Perchè "i miei calzoni" non va bene?


Why can't I say, "Miei pantaloni." like it says in the drop down menu?


le miei mutande would be correct for men's pants (underwear).


Being that the word in English "pants" can be singular or plural, both forms in Italian should be acceptable.


In Italian, you tend to say "pantaloni" always. "Pantalone" is very colloquial, I wouldn't use it.

If you want to say that they are singular you say "Un paio di pantaloni" (It doesn't make so much sense, I know, but that's how we count trousers... Un paio di pantaloni, due paia di pantaloni, tre paia di pantaloni...)


I dont know why @FulgencioB got the negative arrow there, he has a valid question. Id like to know the answer too.


Because "mio" is singular and "pantaloni" is plural.


Must I always use the definite article in front of the possessive adjective? Is it wrong to write "miei pantaloni sono arancioni"?


Yes dor item you need the article, in this case, I miei pantaloni


Why not pants, but "mutande"?


Dov'è la festa?


its the first time for me to see the word miei, i thought its only mio or mia


Why it's "i miei" and not "il mio"? Now I'm confused.


For the same reason that it isn't 'My pant'. Trousers (and underpants) are always plural in italian, just as they are in English


What is the differince between "i" and "gli" again?


Why its "i miei pantaloni" if in english it mean "the my pants" which is not correct?


.. because the Italians use the articles far more than in English, indeed almost everything must have an article - partly because there are words that have a differnet meaning if they are masculine or feminine!


In the UK pants are underwear. Do americans use the word trousers?


left out the 'I' and marked wrong.


Isn't miei pantaloni OK too?


Why would "Il mio vestito be my dress and il mio pantaloni not be my pants??????


"Vestito" is singular, but "pantaloni" is plural, so it is "i miei pantaloni".


Why is "il mio pantalone" wrong? It's one single pair of trousers.


The answer is in your question - it is a PAIR of trousers. In English we don't say 'I put on my trouser'. As in English, pantaloni is a plural word for a single object - I think it goes back to medieval times when the two trouser legs were seperate pieces of cloth that were tied together when you put them on.


You're right, the Italians use the plural form too, like the English. I can't get used to it, saying plural for a single piece of garment. Those trouser legs have been sewn together for centuries! It is just one item of clothing. I thought I had learned the singular form with the tiny cards ;-(

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