"Where is the modern phone?"

Translation:Cái điện thoại hiện đại ở đâu?

August 18, 2017



Why is chiếc and cái possible

August 18, 2017


The first is used for a bunch of singular objects like a cake, a vehicle, a single shoe, a single chopstick etc. while the latter is a generic classifier/counting word that covers most of the other ones. Do keep in mind that you can also attach cái before another classifier/counting word to add emphasis like in the sentence: "Cái tấm hình này bạn chụp hồi nào?" (When did you take this photo?).

August 20, 2017


Thanks for the detailled explaination. Much appreciated, it s now more understandable for me

August 20, 2017


In Vietnamese. sometimes use "chiếc" and sometimes use "cái". But "cái" is more popular than "chiếc".

But there are times when it acts as a symbol instead of a noun. Example: "Có bao nhiêu chiếc xe? - (count) Một chiếc, hai chiếc, ba chiếc ..."

Other Example: "Có bao nhiêu cái bánh? - (count) Một cái, hai cái, ba cái ..."

April 16, 2019


I see in many phrases nặng tone is prevailing. Is it a pure coincidence or is it really so?

September 1, 2017


Is it improper to say "o dau" first instead of last?

May 18, 2019
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