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1 year on Duolingo

I just realised that last Monday made a year since I joined Duolingo. Since then, I have completed 2 trees and about half done with others. I originally joined Duo to learn Portuguese, which I did! After finishing the tree I did the reverse one, and then moved on to other resources, and am proud to say I am at B2! Duo also got me into languages I would never have even thought of trying, like Swedish and Ukrainian. Both are beautiful, and I hope to return to them once I am done perfecting my French. So, thank you Duo for helping me grow so much with my language abilities, here's to another great year!

August 18, 2017



Great job! Stories like this inspire starters like me :)


Did you actually take a language test that's professionally give or you just thinking you're B2?


Well done!!! French is a good language, isn't it! I'm also doing it!


Great comment and an inspiration to those of us trying to get to those levels :)

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Great work, congratulations!

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