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Any Switzerland based German learners ?

Hi All, I am getting into the habit of using Duolingo every day and I aspire to get to level 25 in German (and one day also French, but first things first). I find the points system, levels and also the clubs a real motivator to practise more. Is anyone else living in Switzerland and trying to improve their German rapidly ? Let's connect, compete and improve together :)

All the best

August 18, 2017



Idk but im a native speaker to spanish so don't know if you want me to teach you that, I also have the same ambitions with both german and french!


Hi there ! I will send you a code for my club so we can track eachother. I personally need the pressure of seeing others using Duolingo to keep me motivated to do more and more. All the best


Hey, whereabouts in Switzerland are you based? I am learning German in Zurich currently.


Hey! near Basel, but working in Basel. Great day streak !

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