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Let's be the saviors of Manchu language (ISO: mnc) ---- add Manchu from English into Incubator

Good day folks! I would like to invite all of you to vote up this post for adding a new course for English learners into the incubator and this page :https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23973473 for a Chinese version of this course.

This would be the course of Manchu (Manju, ISO:mnc). Manchu is a language that used to be the official language of the last Dynasty of China, Qing, and is extremely endangered. At this point, the number of native speaker is not more than 10, and they are all at a ripe old age. Manchu is a language with long history and it is not very hard to learn. Especially if you are familiar with a structure of SOV like Japanese and Korean. In fact, as long as you know 1, you can easily get a grasp of the other 2.

Maybe you would doubt the point of learning such a language: Who am I supposed to talk to in it? Well, you sure can if you want.

The idea of building this course was inspired by the Klingon course. That is when I realized that being especially utilizable is not the only factor that a language deserves its course on Duolingo and fell in love with this site, and I think that is Duolingo’s value. On Duolingo, learning a new language is not a boring and dull thing as it used to be, which makes it possible for Duolingo to become a savior for endangered languages. Salute.

Although the community of Manchu learners is becoming big and have been using internet as media, it is still not enough. For the sustainable development of a language, young people are crucial. What I am trying to do is to make this language learning process facing a younger peer, more internet-oriented, focusing on daily use, and easy-accessible. Duolingo perfectly suits all these goals, besides that, users’ willing to learn will help result in a better efficiency to my goal.

Therefore you actually CAN talk to the learners online in Manchu, moreover, in the County of Qapqal, Xinjiang, China, you will find about 16000 native speakers of Sibo language. Sibo, or Xibo, although is claimed to be a separate language, is considered also the southern dialect of Manchu that is still being spoken by a decent amount of people. There are some differences between the two in terms of word choice, spelling rule, and pronunciation, but in general talking to each other is no object for people who speak the two.

To support us, please vote up this page and this page:https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23973473 for a Chinese version of this course, and also invite your friends to do so if you can. By doing this, once this course entered the incubator, you will be among those who saved a language!

August 18, 2017



I would love a Manchu course! It would be very interesting. And if anybody needs more info about what Manchu is look here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manchu_language

I hope this will get added to lrtward's post: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/15014194


Duolingo already added Catalan and Guarani (Jopara) for Spanish speakers without adding either language for English speakers first.

Maybe Duolingo should add Manchu for Chinese speakers without waiting for Manchu for English speakers first? This could be more useful for people in Manchuria. :)


I did put the link for Manchu from Chinese in the post, feel free to vote it up! :)


It wont be saved unless you get more native speakers though.


How am I supposed to get more native speakers?


The top answer, from Hasuran Fucha, in https://www.quora.com/I-understand-that-the-Manchu-language-is-almost-extinct-Is-any-effort-being-made-to-preserve-or-revive-it has a lot of information on existing efforts to revitalize Manchu, and links to revitalization groups. :)


I sure know this, and I know Hasuran's name well. But she didn't mention anything like getting more native speakers, because that is our vision but too good to be a solution.


That is why the course have been requested. More people learn the language and then hopefully some will start teaching their children the language as L1.

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