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"I love the beauty of the theaters."

Translation:Tôi yêu vẻ đẹp của các nhà hát.

August 18, 2017



I thought I'd read that yêu can only be used for person-to-person or person-to-close-animal love. Anything else has to be "rất thích". Is this not true?


Yes, it is true that in Vietnamese "yêu" is not usually used for inanimate objects, but occasionally, it is used for abstract objects (e.g. beauty, peace, a language, a country, actions such as singing or swimming) to express the enthusiasm for them, just like in English. However, you have to be careful using this, because you may just mean "I like it very much" instead of "I love it". If you are not sure, "rất thích" can be a safe option (and usable for people and animals as well).


Couldn't you just also say generic plural nhà hát?


Should it be "the beauty of the theatre?" In Vietnamese is it refering to theatre in general, or to a specific collection of theatres?


Could be an architectual appreciation


I thought the classifier for buildings was ngoi


Accepts 'những' here for 'các'


what is the "ve" doing in this sentence?


Beauty # beautification (n) : vẻ đẹp ; Beautiful (adj) : đẹp, kiều diễm, mĩ miều ; Beautifully (adv) : đẹp

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