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"We were reading his romantic short stories."

Translation:Ми читали його романтичні оповідання.

August 18, 2017



переклад "ми читали його короткі романтичні історії" теж повинен зараховуватися


Short stories --> короткі історії is for sure correct, thanks for pointing it out. Added it.


I've noticed many times that plural words end in і/и, and романтичні is obviously not an exception. Is оповідання one of those exceptions, or is there a way to differentiate between "short story" and "short stories"?


Оповідання is both singular and plural: одне оповідання, два оповідання (in nominative). Most of the other nouns ending with -ння are not countable, so i can't think of a rule/pattern, sorry :)

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